Elephants May Become Extinct in Our Lifetime 

And that is what this is about — making sure that we do have elephants forever.

Elephants Forever is a movement to end the consumer demand for ivory, which is driving the illegal ivory trade and the mass slaughter of elephants.  Let’s use the power of social media to create a global community that is united and active.  Quite simply, let’s convince all consumers not to buy anything made from elephant ivory.

If the demand goes away, the illegal slaughter of wild elephants will stop.

How can we do this?

1.      Speak up and don’t buy ivory!

2.      Support the organizations under “Bookmarks” and “Experts

3.      Stay informed by following latest developments in “News and reading the information in “Experts

4.      Follow Elephants Forever on our Facebook page and/or by subscribing.  Ask your friends and family to do so also.

It’s been done before. . .

In the early 1900s, the beautiful water birds of Florida and the Gulf Coast in the U.S. were hunted almost to extinction.  The reason: status. Fashion in North America and Europe dictated that elegant ladies wear elaborate hats and other accessories made with breeding season feathers. At one time, a pound of feathers was worth more than a pound of gold. A combination of society women, politicians and conservationists banded together to pass laws to protect wildlife, and create a movement that made it “unfashionable” to wear bird feathers.  The result?  The market dried up, laws were enforced, the killing stopped, the Audubon Society and other groups were formed to keep the movement alive, and today all of us can enjoy the beauty of herons, egrets, cranes and other birds that were on the brink of extinction.

We can end the demand for ivory!

Ivory is only a status symbol; it can be replaced by other status symbols.  Elephant ivory has no medicinal value; owning it won’t improve the quality of your life. With social media connecting us around the world, we have a unique opportunity to enlist people everywhere and spread this simple phrase:  Don’t buy ivory.